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Includes all Himo, all Chichigawa and a Tenugui.

A high quality bogu set with many great features for comfort.

Naname (diagonal) Stitching
Easily get that great natural curvature of the men-dare with naname-zashi. The diagonal stitch helps the material naturally bend along the stitch line rather than against it allowing the men to fit comfortably, protect the neck and shoulders and form the correct shape.

Yamato Dodai
A top quality do can be very expensive but now we can offer similar protection, lower weight, easier to look after and a much better price with Yamato doudai.
Made from a tough composite material the Yamato dou varies from basic dou in that the composite is formed into slat shapes to help the dou mimic the power absorbing quality of bamboo.

Stitch Type Machine Stitched
Stitch Width 5mm
Mengane Duralumin
Futon Embroidered; Indigo Dyed Cow Leather
Stitch Type Naname-zashi (Diagonal Stitch)
Material #7,000 Indigo Dyed Cotton
Palm neo synthetic Leather
Kobushi Indigo Dyed neo synthetic Leather
Kobushi Padding Single Chamber; Deer Wool
Mune Material Cow Leather
Mune Decoration 2 Line Decoration
Doudai Material 50pcs Yamato Synthetic doudai
Material #7,000 Indigo Dyed Cotton
Material 2 Indigo Dyed Cow Leather
Decoration 6 Line Decoration

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5mm Naname Bogu set

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