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TAISHO(XXXL) - the Premier Boguset with perfection in limited XXXL size

MEN: 59~61/70~73, KOTE: 24~26/21~23

CHEST/WAIST : over 120cm will be fit well.

Height: 2M tall can be fit nicel

FREE Accessories: himo, chigawa, Cotton Tonbo/Sakura bag, tenugui will be included  

O Top quality orizashi cotton materials enable to keep ultra light as well as maximise protection and durability.

O EK exclusive diamond stitching provides the extra comfortability ever

O No heri-gawa (no brim) option is availalbe on your preference  * with extra cost

O Specially designed Kote & Diamond stitched Kote-budon guarantees a natural grip shape of shinai and perfection of protection.  

O Extra paddings on the thumbs and knuckles to avoid accidental injury

O Basically comes with an Duralumin, a deer-leather palm and an upgraded yamato Do. Also various do-colours and Mune are available.

Includes a Bogu Bag, all Himo, all Chigawa and a Tenugui so that you are ready to practice when your bogu arrives!

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