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No.16. gift (writer : derek whitson, date : 2009/09/03)  
Tonbo tsuba Tonbo tsuba Reviews

I bought this as a gift for a friend he was very happy with it.


No.15. tenugui (writer : derek whitson, date : 2009/08/29)  
Tree Blossom Tenugui Tree Blossom Tenugui Reviews

nice tenugui very comfy.
No.14. 10000 uniform set (writer : derek whitson, date : 2009/08/29)  
#11000 Set #11000 Set Reviews

This is a very nice hakama gi set very comfy.well made and beautaful on. the hakama is my fav of the 4 that i have its the first one that i have bought from eurokendo wouldnt buy any where else now.x
No.13. shinai bag (writer : derek whitson, date : 2009/08/28)  
Oni bag Oni bag Reviews

This shinai bag is very nice. great looking and very practical always wanted a fancy one and there was loads of choice eurokendo every time for me. ;)
No.12. Bogu (writer : M. Neslauer, date : 2009/07/05)  
3mm NANAME Bogu set 3mm NANAME Bogu set Reviews

Three stars for: service, quality and price!
This Bogu set fits very well from the beginning and the price is reasonable.
Eurokendo has also an excellent customer service.
Highly recommended!
No.11. service (writer : lewis gale, date : 2009/06/15)  
#8800 SET #8800 SET Reviews

The service of the site is amazing,the products are better basically its a well maintained machine with top noch products. The keikogi and hakama are of great quality 100% cotton and for the price a steal, any doubts forget them over this site.
No.10. Great quality Bogu  (writer : William Ando, date : 2009/05/04)  
2mm Bogu set 2mm Bogu set Reviews

The quality of this 2mm machine stitched set is amazing and the cost is very reasonable. Definitely worth upgrading to deer palm Kote and IBB Mengane. Nice touch with the additional detail options too. If you're looking for a very nice set of Bogu but not able to spring out for hand stitched yet, I would highly recommend this set.
No.09. Shinai Bag (durable Nylon) (writer : Naseem , date : 2009/04/03)  
3pcs Nylon Shinai Bag 3pcs Nylon Shinai Bag Reviews

I have always like cotton shinai bags - but this definitely won me over. 

The material is durable and the Zip is strong and designed to take a

padlock if you want to secure your bag closed.

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into its design - there is a carrying handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. You also have a secure “pocket" on the outside to store your Tsuba.

It takes 2 - 3 full size shinai inside. And you can also fit a Bokken or extra shinai on the outside strap and pocket. Perfect!

No.08. 8800 Cotton Hakama (writer : Naseem , date : 2009/04/03)  
#8800 hakama #8800 hakama Reviews

Beautiful look and feel which gives more confidence to your Kendo. Much nicer than a Hakama made from synthetic materials. Definitely recommend

No.07. Perfect Kote protector (writer : Kris Kim, date : 2009/03/21)  
Hand/Kote Pad Hand/Kote Pad Reviews

This protector is simply awesome.

Before I knew how much Kotes could hurt I did not use these.

But after my first full armour practice I could not move my right wrist and hand!

But ever since then I used this Kote pad my Kote nver hurts again.



This is essential for people who need to write or type.

No.06. Good Shinai for Juniors and Ladies (writer : Kris Kim, date : 2009/03/21)  
Ikken 38 Ikken 38 Reviews

This Shinai is perfect for Juniors and Ladies because not only those it look good

they are also in very high quality.


HIghly reccomended for Juniors and Ladies

No.05. Cool Tsuba (writer : Kris Kim, date : 2009/03/21)  
Tonbo tsuba Tonbo tsuba Reviews

This Tsuba is very cool.

It has a very nice design, and is very strong.



No.04. Good Bag (writer : Kris Kim, date : 2009/03/21)  
Bogu trolley bag Bogu trolley bag Reviews

This bag is excellent, it is strong,stable and compact. it rolls smoothly and is reasonably light.


highly reccomended for those who need to travel far to train Kendo.


No.03. Summer Set (writer : Kris Kim, date : 2009/03/19)  
Summer Set Summer Set Reviews

It was so hot for me in the summer to practice, but after getting this summer set i never felt hot again in the summer.

Also I felt light as a feather when I practice with these on. And the good thing is its very CHEAP!  



No.02. Great, good value shinai (writer : Joshua McCallum, date : 2009/03/19)  
Ubuki Ubuki Reviews

These Shinai have a nice size grip (fits snugly into your hand) and have held up well so far.  

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