Guaranteed quality with hand-stitched kote. Very attractive to look at because of the square pattern that hand-stitching creates whilst also being highly protective. The 3D effect created by the stitching allows for greater shock absorbing and because it's more closely made to your size you receive better protection and comfort.

Deer Wool Kobushi Padding
High quality padding in the kobushi (fist) of the kote makes a really big difference. Without tough leather to reduce the power of hits to the fist the padding must perform this role and still allow flexibility and movement of the hand.
This is why we choose deer wool padding to allow for crisp techniques without fear of bruised knuckles!

Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
Beautiful and protective, indigo dyed deer leather is the premium material for bogu construction. It provides great endurance, excellent protection and a beautiful natural fade as it grows old that is greatly sought after in bogu sets.

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1.2Bu Handmade deerleather Kote

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