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Upgrade !!! better quality materials. lighter and softer

Size up to 160cm height (XS, S, M) 

- Light and Soft boguset made of deluxe orizashi cotton.

- an exclusive double padded 8mm stitching offers  great protection and durability.

- deluxe double padded orizashi cotton/clarino reinforcement to maximise protection

- deluxe junior size light dura mengane

- deluxe orizashi cotton kobushi (fist) and clarino kote palm

- upgraded to naname-zashi men futon to increase comfortability

- Junior standard Do included ( black or Red option) *

* deluxe Do uprade is available with extra cost. quote us (

Includes all Himo, all Chigawa and a Tenugui so that you are ready to practice when your bogu arrives!

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Junior 犀 (SAI) Set 2020

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